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JOC Group Inc. is the authoritative provider of global intelligence for trade, transportation and logistics professionals.
Generate Sales Leads
Obtain Competitive information
Identify Buyers and Sellers
Conduct Market Research
Monitor Contract Compliance

The Standard in Trade Intelligence since 1970, PIERS is trusted by the worlds biggest ship lines, railroads and ports when making critical business decisions. PIERS is known around the world as a must have service for anyone involved in U.S. international trade. Today, PIERS is used by the transportation sector, as well as the finance, retail, chemical, education and government sectors.

Our business intelligence tools and solutions are based on PIERS unique infrastructure, proprietary technology and staff present at every major U.S. port. The PIERS Six Step Process not only allows PIERS to publish free import data, but also to provide complete coverage of U.S. export transactional data sourced from carrier manifests. Our proprietary process is powered by sophisticated algorithms and is fine-tuned by a dedicated team of analysts and shipping industry professionals with decades of experience. Our commitment to thoroughly processing raw data into rich trade intelligence ensures we provide the highest quality information to the marketplace.

Complementing our unrivaled U.S. trade intelligence, our international trade data spans the globe covering every major world economy - with an emphasis on significant trading partners and emerging source regions in Asia and South America, such as China, India and Brazil.