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Julia Murphy

Julia Murphy
General Manager

Julia Murphy is General Manager of JOC Group Inc. Julia is well-experienced in management, HR and customer relations. Julia joined JOC Group in 2010 working for the PIERS business unit. In her role as General Manager, Julia is responsible for ensuring that processes are in place to allow the company’s individual product teams to maintain customer focus and grow revenues while at the same time maintaining and growing a single culture for the business. Prior to joining JOC Group, Julia was VP of HR for UBM Medica US.  In addition to her HR responsibilities at UBM Medica during a transformative period, Julia led the build out of several offices including the relocation of headquarters. In 2005, Julia was part of the team that organized the sale of  the online telecommunications media startup, Light Reading, to UBM PLC, a global B2B media company. Prior to Light Reading, Julia worked at MTV Networks in their Law and Business Affairs Department. Julia holds a BA in English from the University of Notre Dame.

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