Delivering Trade Intelligence

JOC Group Inc. is the authoritative provider of business intelligence, data and events for container shipping and logistics professionals worldwide. Through its PIERS and JOC products - online, print and events - JOC Group Inc. provides the access, intelligence, insight and support which enable you to establish and maintain critical customer connections and make informed decisions to compete effectively in the global marketplace. 

JOC Group Inc. is part of the AXIO Data Group, owned by Electra Partners, an independent private equity fund manager with more than 30 years' experience in the mid-market. As of September 2012, the firm had funds under management valued at over $2 Billion. The firm's flexible investment approach allows it to invest across a broad range of sectors and financial instruments including equity, senior equity, convertibles and mezzanine debt. For further information please visit or

Management Team

Chief Executive Officer
Gavin Carter is Chief Executive Officer of JOC Group Inc. (formerly UBM Global Trade.) As CEO, Gavin is responsible for expanding business relations, establishing technology thought leadership and providing strategic direction.
Chief Content Officer / Executive Vice President
Peter Tirschwell is Executive Vice President and Chief Content officer for the JOC Group Inc., publisher of The Journal of Commerce, JOC.Com and PIERS maritime trade data.
Chief Financial Officer
Ian Blackman is the Chief Financial Officer for JOC Group Inc. In this role, Ian is responsible for the accounting, treasury, tax, reporting and related controls for all the various business units of the company. He works closely with the management team on strategic planning and forecasting for the businesses.
Chief Operating Officer
Rhiannon James is the Chief Operating Officer at the JOC Group Inc. In this role, Rhiannon is responsible for the financial performance of the JOC media assets, including the Journal of Commerce magazine and digital edition, website, JOC Sailings website, as well as the TPM, TPM Asia and JOC Inland Distribution conferences.
General Manager
Julia Murphy is General Manager of JOC Group Inc. Julia is well-experienced in management, HR and customer relations.
Vice President of Human Resources
Cindy Mevorah is Vice President of Human Resources of the JOC Group. She is responsible for the design and development of HR strategies and processes that drive the JOC Group’s business objectives and the company’s culture.
Vice President of Engineering
Matt Cocchiaro is Vice President of Engineering at JOC Group.