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JOC Group Inc. is the authoritative provider of global intelligence for trade, transportation and logistics professionals.
Market analysis
Freight rate intelligence
Trade trends & forecasting
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Transportation infrastructure
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Customs regulation
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The JOC delivers high-quality intelligence and expertise to help customers make better business decisions - in print, online and face-to-face at leading industry events. In addition, The JOC provides best in breed marketing channels to help companies reach their target audience.

The JOC organizes several leading industry events each year, including the flagship conference, TPM in Long Beach, CA. is the leading industry Web site covering international and domestic logistics issues on a daily basis. The Journal of Commerce is a bi-weekly magazine and provides authoritative editorial content for international logistics executives to help them plan their global supply chain and better manage their day-to-day international logistics and shipping needs. This information is delivered through news, analysis, case studies, and perspective pieces.