A LOCAL ALL-NEWS RADIO channel was talking about the good old days last week. Up for discussion, specifically, was the milkman and his horse-drawn buggy, making his regular milk rounds for customers in the neighborhood.

The horse knew the route well - so well, in fact, that if the milkman was sick, the horse could make the rounds alone, letting customers take their own milk allotments from the wagon. The horse would return to the barn with an empty wagon and a box full of money. The radio commentator suggested no computer or robot today could do the job of the milkman's trustworthy and loyal horse. Believing strongly in the benefits of high technology, we disagree. Milk deliveries via computer or robot don't seem that far-fetched an idea.The question is whether the computerized horse would return to the barn with any money. That may be a feature of the good old days that high technology will never replace.

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