USUALLY WE PUT RESPONSES to editorials in our Letters to the Editor box. But out of sense of fairness, we are printing a poem sent to us by Thomas W. Gleason, president of the International Longshoremen's Association, and his director of public relations, James A. McNamara. Their poem was inspired by a poem written by James A. Satterfield, manager of export services with Hercules Inc., and printed in this column Oct. 30.

The contract deadline grew nearShippers and carriers naturally began to fear.

October 1st was just five days away

But the ILA's Teddy Gleason had something to say.

The National Export Traffic League gathered

For lunch, yet only one thing mattered.

Gleason was to speak; carriers and shippers paid attention,

Eager to hear settlement or contract extension.

Hundreds heard the ILA President's afternoon address

While thousands more read his remarks in the press.

His response was quite clear and concise; no need to pray.

'I'll extend the contract for 60 days."

Suddenly attention focused on Tozzoli of NYSA

Seated close to Gleason, he had nothing to say.

Chairman Rodriguez implored: "Mr. Tozzoli, would you like to


No response then, in fact no response for a week.

Now the record is clear and Gleason's honor is intact.

Management's position is also a matter of fact.

Gleason gave his offer and stuck to his word.

And management finally gave the extension October 3rd.

Naturally, if the New York Shipping Association President, Anthony J. Tozzoli, wishes to respond in kind, we, out of a similar sense of fairness, would publish his poem, too.

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