18 Mar 2016
Washington state legislators are once again pushing to reform the U.S. Harbor Maintenance Fee in an effort to secure more funding for the ports of Seattle and Tacoma, two gateways facing stiff competition from Western Canadian ports for U.S.-bound cargo.
21 Nov 2014
Volume gains in Tacoma helped offset another month of year-over-year losses in Seattle, pushing Puget Sound container throughput up in October for the first time in four months.
12 Nov 2014
Port disruption tied to West Coast longshore negotiations is obstructing U.S. apple exports at the height of the harvest season and just as the lucrative China market was just re-opened to U.S. apples after two years.
10 Nov 2014
SEATTLE — Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., Monday pledged to continue working to ensure the ports of Seattle and Tacoma get a fairer share of U.S. federal funding and don't lose U.S.-bound cargo to Canadian ports by pushing for an alternative funding source to the Harbor Maintenance Tax.
05 Nov 2014
Cargo backlogs at the ports of Seattle and Tacoma are mounting due to work slowdowns by the International Longshore and Warehouse Union, threatening vessel arrivals scheduled for the weekend.
04 Nov 2014
Long truck lines and a shortage of skilled labor plagued the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach Tuesday, adding to the ports’ already deep congestion problems and instilling fears among importers and exporters of potential gridlock at the largest U.S. port complex.
Red delicious apples
04 Nov 2014
China has lifted its suspension on Red and Golden Delicious apple imports from Washington state, giving apple shippers an opening to move their record crop to a new market as domestic transport capacity tightens.
03 Nov 2014
The International Longshore and Warehouse Union is engaging in work slowdown actions at the ports of Seattle and Tacoma, waterfront employers say, raising fears that the tactics could spread to Los Angeles-Long Beach, the nation’s largest container gateway.
24 Oct 2014
While the Port of Tacoma reported year-over-year growth in container volumes in September, Seattle suffered another month of double-digit volume decline.
22 Oct 2014
Hamburg Süd said it has taken steps to combat significant delays in vessel arrivals and departures at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach as severe congestion at the largest port complex in the Americas has reached a new level of intensity.
Port of Seattle
07 Oct 2014
The ports of Seattle and Tacoma are taking a bold step to improve the competitiveness of the Pacific Northwest gateway by unifying the planning, marketing and management of their marine cargo terminals and related functions under a single body.