11 Jan 2016
The government of Tanzania said the $10 billion Bagamoyo Port development project, one of the largest port developments currently planned worldwide, has not been suspended and that work on the project would commence in July.
29 Sep 2015
The fast-growing port of Dar es Salaam is working to double its annual capacity to 30 million metric tons per year and reduce dwell times from nine days to five by 2020, in an effort to become the top gateway to landlocked East African countries.
19 Jun 2015
Tanzania has instituted a 1.5 percent levy on all imports to fund rail projects intended to bolster national and international connectivity.
27 Apr 2015
For a region dismissed not so long ago as a bit of a backwater, where inefficiency, corruption and chronic congestion were the norm, east Africa is beginning to show its mettle.