Around 90 percent of Wan Hai’s services are on the intra-Asia trade.
17 Aug 2016
Taiwan’s Wan Hai Lines is the latest intra-Asia specialist to report profit and revenue declines in the first half.
02 Jun 2015
Taiwanese carrier Evergreen Line and Turkey's Arkas Line are launching a new collaborative West-East Mediterranean Service.
Yang Ming container ship in Oakland port
18 May 2015
Taiwan’s three top lines became the latest carriers to join the black numbers club, all recording net profit for the first quarter on the back of rising revenue and falling operating costs.
15 May 2015
A country that is seldom mentioned as an alternative to manufacturing in mainland China is Taiwan, its neighbour and disputed territory just across the strait.
01 Dec 2014
A crushing defeat of Taiwan's ruling China-friendly Kuomintang (KMT) party at local elections late last week wasn’t enough to derail closer cross-strait trade links as Ningbo Port Group signed a cooperation agreement with the port-controlling Taiwan International Ports Corporation (TIPC).
24 Nov 2014
Evergreen Marine recorded an $80 million net profit in the three months ending Sept. 30. as the carrier added a second profitable quarter since joining the CKYH Alliance in March.
21 Nov 2014
For a single product, the iPhone plays a leading role in Taiwan’s export orders, helping push the key economic indicator to a record $44.9 billion in October on demand for the smartphone and other consumer electronics.