South Korea

28 Sep 2016
Two more Hanjin Shipping vessels are heading for the Port of New York and New Jersey.
Every moment that Hanjin Shipping cargo remains in limbo threatens further disruption and costs for myriad industries.
08 Sep 2016
The push underscores a restlessness within the transportation industry with the customary pace of a Chapter 15 bankruptcy filing — something that has historically taken months to years to play out.
08 Sep 2016
Korea will tap its domestic carriers to send another 20 vessels to help clear up the mess left by Hanjin Shipping after it filed for receivership on Aug. 31.
The South Korean government hopes new programs and more funding for existing initiatives will help the ports of Busan and Gwangyang, pictured, recover from the fallout of Hanjin Shipping's collapse.
07 Sep 2016
The South Korean government is giving the port authorities of Busan and Yeosu Gwangyang millions of dollars in an effort to spur an early recovery of transshipment volumes from bankrupt Hanjin Shipping.
06 Sep 2016
Nearly 100 companies are working to either recover expenses from Hanjin Shipping or retrieve stranded cargo via US bankruptcy courts, while electronic giants HP and Samsung are taking a different track by supporting the Korean carrier’s Chapter 15 filing in the hopes it will speed up the release of cargo.
06 Sep 2016
An emergency response team from the Busan port authority estimates Hanjin Shipping has 530,000 containers in transit worldwide.
It is estimated that Hanjin Shipping vessels stuck in limbo are carrying cargo that is owned by 8,300 cargo owners and valued at more than $14 billion.
06 Sep 2016
Another Hanjin vessel has been detained as creditors of the stricken liner launch legal action to recover unpaid bills.
05 Sep 2016
The Asia-Mediterranean trade is suddenly 150,000 twenty-foot-equivalent units lighter after Hanjin Shipping's collapse.
04 Sep 2016
Hanjin Shipping's collapse is having a heavy impact on South Korea's busiest container port.
03 Sep 2016
Maersk Line brought some clarity to fears that all the vessels in Hanjin Shipping’s fleet faced arrest by creditors.
02 Sep 2016
Shipowners seeking to recoup losses from Hanjin Shipping are taking aim at the liner’s customers through lawsuits.