24 May 2016
A rule change that enters force September 1 in Russia threatens shippers and foreign over-the-road transportation companies with increased costs.
14 Jul 2015
The Russian trucking industry hauling containers is in crisis with demand plummeting because of Western sanctions on food imports and weak oil prices, but there’s no help from Moscow on the way.
24 Jun 2015
In September, the first phase of a new deep-sea port with a capacity of 1.45 million 20-foot-equivalent units will open amid sanctions and a collapse in the price of oil that have pulled down St. Petersburg’s container volume.
17 Jun 2015
Russian cargo airline Volga-Dnepr signed a memorandum of understanding today to buy and lease twenty Boeing 747-8 freighters with a combined list price of $7.4 billion for its AirBridgeCargo Airline unit.
16 Jun 2015
AirBridgeCargo’s traffic soared 16 percent in the first five months of the year as Russia’s largest all-cargo carrier continued to outperform its struggling European rivals.
15 Jun 2015
The creation of a containerized rail operator by the Eurasian Customs Union is aimed at capitalizing on growing volume moving between Europe and Asia.
Vladivostok port,
08 Jun 2015
Far East ports, such Vladivostok and Khabarovsk, will drive Russian container volume growth, as trade between Russia and China grows through greater economic cooperation, according to new government forecast out of Moscow.
05 Jun 2015
ST PETERSBURG — Western sanctions and the fall in oil prices that devalued the rouble have devastated Russian container volume and sent shockwaves through the sectors dependent on the business. But there is some hope that fortunes will begin to improve in the coming months.
Fesco Container Terminal
02 Jun 2015
Fesco’s first-quarter earnings rose 5.4 percent as cost savings offset a slump in container volumes resulting from a fragile Russian economy and a depreciating rouble.