17 Mar 2017
The group, which is listed on the London stock exchange, swung to an operating loss of $500,000.
04 Mar 2016
Two more rail services carrying cargo overland from Chinese cities to Iran and Russia were launched in February.
03 Mar 2016
Amid the massive protests of long-haul truckers and transport companies, the Russian government has made the unprecedented decision to freeze for several months the planned increase of a controversial highway tariff opponents say could shrink Russia’s domestic transportation market by 30 percent.
02 Mar 2016
Russia’s ports of Vladivostok and St. Petersburg could see a 30 percent increase in container traffic this year, thanks to plans to construct special customs and logistics centers.
25 Feb 2016
Tariffs levied on shipping companies entering Russian seaports may be doubled or increased by two and one half times, which may result in the decline of Russian seaborne container traffic.
24 Feb 2016
The economic crisis in Russia has pulled down container traffic in the country’s Far East and suspended infrastructure projects in the region, according to a recent report from the Far East Marine Research Institute.
19 Feb 2016
The transit time for containers between Russia and India will be reduced by half thanks to a recent agreement between the countries to launch a new multimodal container route.
17 Feb 2016
The Bronka and Ust-Luga seaports are expected to become the new container hubs of northwest Russia due to Russian Federal Customs Service plans to cease servicing export-import cargo on site at Big Port St. Petersburg.
SOLAS verified gross mass VGM IMO container weight
16 Feb 2016
Russia plans to later this month ask the International Maritime Organization to delay the container weight mandate by one year to July 1, 2017, even as it continues to prepare for the global rule. Any country that is a signatory to the Safety of Life at Sea convention, under which the verified gross mass mandate draws authority, may delay implementation as long as they formally request an extension from the IMO before the July 1 implementation.
15 Feb 2016
Ukraine and Russia have blocked each other from trucking containers across each other in a tit-for-tat fight over the annexation of the Crimean Peninsula, further impeding trade with the European Union after Poland blocked Russian trucks earlier this month.
12 Feb 2016
Big Port of St. Petersburg, Russia’s busiest seaport in terms of container traffic, posted a 27.8 percent year-over-year decline in container throughput for 2015 but is planning to regain its lead in the market in the coming years.