30 Sep 2015
Yilport Holding, the leading Turkish port operator, has reached agreement to take over Tertir, a Portuguese port and logistics company, with terminals in Europe and Latin America.
10 Jun 2015
APM Terminals estimates it will take 7 to 10 days for operations to return to normal after striking stevedores returned to work Friday at the company’s general cargo terminal in Callao, Peru.
03 Jun 2015
APM Terminals said that weeding out drug traffickers from its dockworker ranks at the Port of Callao is a priority as well as a main point of contention in an ongoing strike at the port.
29 May 2015
APM Terminals has fired 130 dockworkers at its general cargo terminal in Callao, Peru, where a strike has been ongoing since May 13.
Port of Callao, APM Terminals
27 May 2015
Replacement labor used by APM Terminals to fill in for striking dockworkers at Peru's Port of Callao has started to affect container operations, according to the labor union's spokesman.
18 May 2015
Fruit exports from Chile and Peru are off to a promising start in 2015 thanks in large part to better weather and increasing demand from key overseas markets.
13 May 2015
APT Terminals and a dockworkers union offer disputing views on the impact of a labor dispute at Peru's Port of Callao, a major maritime gateway on the West Coast of South America.
APM Terminals, Callao, Peru
12 May 2015
Roughly 650 union dockworkers at the busiest terminal in Callao, Peru, the largest container gateway for the west coast of South America, have threatened to begin an indefinite strike Wednesday.