Lake Nicaragua
14 Mar 2014
Manuel Coronel Kautz, the president of the Nicaraguan Canal Commission, has announced that the traditionally proposed Nicaragua canal route up the San Juan River...
03 Feb 2014
SEA ISLAND, Ga. — A canal through Nicaragua connecting the Atlantic and Pacific oceans will cost double proponents’ estimate and will likely never be built, the No. 2 official at the Panama Canal said today.
15 Nov 2013
Major container lines have announced planned rate increases for a variety of trades, as detailed below, slated to take effect in November, December and January.
13 Jun 2013
The Nicaragua National Assembly has ratified the government’s commercial agreement with HKND Group to develop the Nicaragua Canal and Development Project.
10 Jun 2013
HK Nicaragua Canal Development Investment Co. is working with the Nicaraguan government on an interocean canal project that could rival the Panama Canal, The Washington Post reports.