08 Jul 2014
Israel Corp., the parent of Zim Integrated Shipping Services, has backed a court ruling that modifies the scope of the state’s “golden share” in the ocean carrier.
Doctor and patient
07 Jul 2014
Endochoice, a six-year-old Atlanta-based importer of medical devices and disposable infectious control supplies and services for gastroenterologists, most of whom were in the U.S, had to reengineer its global supply chain last year when it acquired high-tech medical companies in Israel and Germany and began to manufacture and distribute a sophisticated new system for colonoscopies internationally.
03 Jul 2014
An Israeli court has modified key terms of the state’s veto-wielding “golden share” in Zim Integrated Shipping Services that threatened to block the carrier’s $3.4 billion restructuring.
01 Jul 2014
An Israeli court is due to rule on the state’s “golden share” in Zim after the ocean carrier failed to reach agreement with the Israeli government over the controversial issue.
Zim Virginia
30 Jun 2014
Israel Corp. shareholders approved a radical financial restructuring of Zim Integrated Shipping Services over the weekend.
24 Jun 2014
Even as it shot down an ambitious plan by Europe’s three largest ocean carriers to join forces, China was beefing up its bid to create a continental gateway to distribute its products across its largest export market.
20 Jun 2014
Pan Mediterranean, an affiliate of the Chinese government’s China Harbour Engineering Company, has won a preliminary tender to build a new port on the Mediterranean coast of Israel, according to the Israeli business daily Globes.
28 May 2014
Zim’s first quarter loss shrank 45 percent from a year earlier as the Israeli ocean carrier continued to cut costs in the run-up to a $3 billion financial restructuring.
19 May 2014
Zim Integrated Shipping today announced it has finalized terms of a $3 billion financial restructuring that will enable the Israeli ocean carrier to raise funds to buy new ships and enter joint ventures and strategic partnerships with other container shipping lines.
28 Mar 2014
For someone who’s just unveiled a whopping $530 million net loss for 2013, Zim’s chief executive Rafi Danieli appears to be in an outlandishly bullish mood.
27 Mar 2014
LONDON — Zim Integrated Shipping Services’ net loss soared to $530 million in 2013 — more than half booked in the final three months — from $428 million a year earlier, but the Israeli ocean carrier said an imminent restructuring deal will “dramatically” improve its finances.