28 Jan 2016
CMA CGM and Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines plan to share vessel capacity, and jointly operate routes and marine container terminals, the latest sign of how global container lines are aiming to tap Iran’s potential due to the lifting of economic sanctions.
05 Jan 2016
Mediterranean Shipping Co. has resumed calls to Iran after suspending services in 2012 in response to trade sanctions imposed on Tehran for its nuclear program.
31 Dec 2015
The government of India reiterated the importance it places on participating in the development of the port of Chabahar in southeastern Iran as the two countries work on agreeing to specific terms that would allow the project to commence.
17 Dec 2015
India and Iran are trying to agree on contract terms to pave the way for work to commence on the development of the port of Chabahar with container handling capabilities in southeastern Iran.
02 Nov 2015
Container throughput at Iran’s ports should grow by up to 25 percent annually over the next half decade as a confluence of benefits are realized from the expected relaxation of sanctions, a senior Iran-based industry researcher and commentator told
26 Oct 2015
A delegation from the port of Antwerp visited Iran last week on a contact-building mission with officials in the shipping and commerce sectors, the latest in a long line of port and shipping companies aiming to open trade doors to take advantage of loosening sanctions.
31 Aug 2015
Brazilian beef exporters are poised to double their shipments to Iran after the major Middle Eastern importer ended a three-year ban on non-frozen shipments from the state of Parana.
03 Aug 2015
Contship Italia, Italy’s largest container terminal operator, has signed a strategic memorandum of understanding with Sina Port and Marine, Iran’s biggest port company, to take advantage of moves by the U.S. and the EU to ease sanctions following the nuclear deal with Tehran.
20 Jul 2015
The nuclear deal reached with Iran has placed container trade back on the radar of carriers, but with all the hoops for the country still to jump through, it could be a year before its Persian Gulf gateway again begins receiving the world’s liners, according to Drewry.
16 Jul 2015
Mediterranean Shipping Co. is testing the waters in Iran as it appears more likely United Nations sanctions will be lifted as part of a new nuclear agreement between the West and the pariah state.
08 May 2015
India signed a memorandum of understanding with Iran to build and operate cargo facilities at the Chabahar port, a free trade zone site on the Gulf of Oman, with the aim of allowing New Delhi a sea-land access route to Afghanistan.