21 Apr 2017
Japan’s logistics companies are increasingly turning to India as the Chinese economy is losing steam and the Japanese economy expands only moderately.
20 Mar 2017
The two partners will coordinate their resources to provide cold chain logistics solutions.
17 Mar 2017
SM Line is entering an already crowded market.
16 Mar 2017
The company told that its terminals would be charging for only one “shift move” instead of two moves previously.
16 Mar 2017
India wants to switch from a point-to-point transportation system to a hub-and-spoke model.
14 Mar 2017
Wan Hai Lines is focusing on new growth areas in India.
09 Mar 2017
Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust more than doubled its direct port delivery shipments in February.
07 Mar 2017
Nearly half of India’s total container trade moves through JNPT.
06 Mar 2017
The action underscores how intensely authorities are focused on achieving operational efficiencies and cost reductions at JNPT.
06 Mar 2017
The container trains from Bangalore inland container depot leave every Friday to reach Cochin by Sunday.
03 Mar 2017
Bansal called on all stakeholders to encourage more shippers to use the scheme.