Saia has expansion on the mind despite a fall in LTL shipment volume in the third quarter.
26 Oct 2016
Cranking up profits and gaining freight, the multiregional less-than-truckload carrier looks to fill one of the last large gaps in its coverage.
03 Feb 2015
A long-discussed but still unrealized marine terminal on the Georgia-South Carolina border has made some marked headway after an engineering study found there is room on the Savannah River for a second terminal downstream from the busy Port of Savannah.
02 Feb 2015
A former Dollar General and Reebok CEO who is the new U.S. senator from Georgia drew a sharp distinction on Sunday between longshore labor relations on the West and East Coast, saying labor and management on the East Coast “have a great history of working together.”
27 Jan 2015
Labor disputes on the West Coast and a recovering national economy sent record-breaking cargo volumes to Georgia ports in 2014.
17 Nov 2014
As Los Angeles-Long Beach remains mired in congestion, Savannah is in cruise control, handling double-digit increases in imports, much faster growth than the national U.S. average, and doing so with nary a sign of delays.