06 Jun 2016
The Suez Canal has extended and deepened discounts to container lines.
06 Sep 2015
Plans to dredge a nearly 6 mile channel at Port Said as well as develop the entire region surrounding the New Suez Canal remain on hold, reports suggest.
12 Aug 2015
The expansion of the Suez Canal and the reduced draft for ships transiting the Panama Canal won’t immediately impact the rival waterways’ shares of Far East-U.S. East Coast traffic, according to Alphaliner.
10 Aug 2015
Suez Canal Authority projections that average daily vessel transits will double by 2023 to 97 vessels and more than double revenue to $13.2 billion within 10 years are unlikely, according to the latest analysis by Drewry.
06 Aug 2015
The Suez Canal Authority said it is well placed to compete with Panama for Asia-U.S. East Coast business and will continue to offer promotions and discounts to help entice lines to use the Suez Canal.
04 Aug 2015
Egyptian armed forces are on high alert ahead of the ceremony to open the $8 billion, 44.7 mile extension to the Suez Canal Thursday, which will for the first time allow two-way traffic on the canal, creating economic benefits for both international shippers and the local economy.
04 Aug 2015
Egypt should deliver on a commitment to dredge a new Mediterranean access channel to the Suez Canal as soon as possible or it risks derailing the goals of its ambitious Suez-centered development plans.
27 Jul 2015
Three container ships sailed through the “new” Suez Canal over the weekend in the first trial run of a second shipping lane alongside the existing waterway ahead of the official opening next month.
13 Jul 2015
The world’s largest container carrier does not expect any disruptions as the Suez Canal races to meet its August 6 opening deadline for the expanded waterway that is a critical link on the Asia-Europe and Mediterranean trades.
Suez Canal ship convoy
06 Jul 2015
Container lines won’t reduce the amount of cargo moving through the Suez Canal despite heightened security tensions — most recently inflamed by the reported arrest of 13 people on suspicion of planning to sabotage the waterway integral to trade between Asia and the Europe, and increasingly the U.S.
16 Jun 2015
The “new” enlarged Suez Canal that will allow two-way transits for ships will open on schedule on August 6, according to the waterway authority.