23 Jun 2017
Orders from Europe are rising with a strong peak season on the cards, but growing volumes could spell space issues and equipment shortages in the months ahead.
13 Jul 2015
The benefits for containerized trade have not yet been clearly spelled out in China’s One Belt, One Road plan, but the scale of the initiative and the economic figures involved should make compelling reading for Asia-Europe shippers.
11 Jul 2015
Severe Typhoon Chan-hom is lashing two of the busiest container ports in the world, making landfall at Ningbo and moving up the coast to Shanghai.
10 Jul 2015
China Merchants Holdings International, China’s largest port operator on the mainland, is urging terminals along the maritime silk road to align in an effort to counter the alliances among container carriers.
10 Jul 2015
Wal-Mart has opened four new warehouses in Tianjin to expand its distribution centre in northern China, the latest example of rising mainland demand for modern logistics property that is increasingly in short supply.
09 Jul 2015
Shanghai has reported a 4.5 percent increase in volumes during the first six months compared to last year, but the growth has been slowing in the months leading up to what the industry hopes will be a peak season.
08 Jul 2015
Automating labor intensive processes in China is gaining ground as manufacturers try to mitigate the rising costs of wages, with chocolate maker Mars the latest company to embrace a semi-automated solution.
06 Jul 2015
The world’s insatiable appetite for civilian drones was evident in China’s trade figures that showed 160,000 units of civilian drones worth $120 million were exported from January through May this year.
03 Jul 2015
China’s ability to throw staggering amounts of money at projects was on display again this week with the announcement that a state-owned investment giant will pour $113 billion into supporting the One Belt, One Road trade strategy.
02 Jul 2015
The demand for logistics services and infrastructure will be fuelled by China’s increasing trade appetite and the continuing growth of e-commerce markets within the country, according to Barclays Research.
01 Jul 2015
The start of the second phase of construction of the Yangtze River channel extension project at Nanjing will allow China’s largest inland port to handle ocean-going vessels.