Central America

09 Jul 2014
The Panama Canal Authority, which earlier this year dismissed the possibility of an alternate canal through Nicaragua, had a more cautious reaction this week following the Nicaraguan government’s approval of plans by a Hong Kong-based company for the proposed $40 billion canal.
Ocean Carrier Rate Revision Roundup
18 Feb 2014
Major carriers aim to hike rates in a variety of trade lanes in March, although any increases achieved could be temporary.
Ocean Carrier Rate Revision Roundup for Feb. 7
10 Feb 2014
Major container lines hope to increase rates in multiple trade lanes in March, April and May, although any hikes achieved could be fleeting.
05 Feb 2014
Work to expand the Panama Canal was suspended today following a breakdown in talks between the canal authority and the construction consortium to resolve a bitter dispute over more than $1 billion in cost overruns.
03 Feb 2014
SEA ISLAND, Ga. — A canal through Nicaragua connecting the Atlantic and Pacific oceans will cost double proponents’ estimate and will likely never be built, the No. 2 official at the Panama Canal said today.
CMA CGM container ship
03 Feb 2014
CMA CGM has upgraded its Oceania-U.S. service to a weekly frequency with the addition of a second string to its PAD service, which will take effect in the beginning of March.
Ocean Carrier Rate Revision Roundup
27 Jan 2014
Major container lines hope to increase rates in multiple trade lanes in February, March and April, although any hikes achieved may be temporary.
Work on the Panama Canal expansion. Courtesy of Panama Canal Authority.
21 Jan 2014
The deputy administrator of the Panama Canal Authority on Tuesday said the $5.25 billion expansion of the Panama Canal will meet the target date of mid-2015.
Work on the Panama Canal expansion. Courtesy Panama Canal Authority.
16 Jan 2014
The Panama Canal, following a widely reported payments dispute with contractors that threatens to delay its expansion, went on the counteroffensive this week with a new website designed to provide “Clarification of the most common doubts about the Expansion.”
Port of Cartagena, Colombia
15 Jan 2014
U.S. trade with Latin America is poised to expand in the coming years, which highlights the need to accelerate port and infrastructure development in the region.
Japan continued to be the top volume and value market for U.S. beef in November.
14 Jan 2014
U.S. red meat exports were “solid” in November as beef sales set a new value record and pork exports posted their strongest month year-to-date...