12 Sep 2016
Acquiring California-based Gardner Trucking will add more than $400 million to CRST's annual revenue while adding new services and markets.
21 Nov 2014
A Teamsters-affiliated group in Southern California on Friday said it halted picketing that began this week at facilities operated byPacer ACartage, Harbor Rail Transport, LACA Express, QTS and WinWin Logistics.
Port of Los Angeles
20 Nov 2014
The freight transportation industry remains bitterly divided over the future of the organization that was established in 2005 by marine terminal operators in Los Angeles-Long Beach to manage the extended gates program at the largest U.S. port complex.
20 Nov 2014
The Port of Oakland is closed today following the death Wednesday night of a longshoreman in Benicia, a breakbulk and bulk port on the San Francisco Bay.
19 Nov 2014
The Port of Long Beach today will be the focus of attention by a Teamsters-affiliated group that is attempting to organize drayage drivers in Southern California.
18 Nov 2014
The step Los Angeles and Long Beach marine terminal operators are taking to reduce congestion — keeping gates open continuously from early morning till late at night and adding shifts weekly -—will prove to be more effective than eliminating the PierPass traffic mitigation fee, as some groups are asking for, said John Cushing, president of PierPass Inc.
18 Nov 2014
The Teamsters union Tuesday expanded its organizing efforts in Southern California to include drayage companies that service the intermodal rail sector, but striking truck drivers didn’t hamper cargo movements.
LA containers
17 Nov 2014
Harbor truck drivers in Southern California on Tuesday will add two more drayage companies to the three that they went on strike against Monday. The drivers, who have been striking drayage companies in Los Angeles-Long Beach on and off during much of the year, are claiming wage theft and misclassification, and are seeking to be organized by the Teamsters union.
17 Nov 2014
Container throughput growth at the largest port complex in the Americas slowed in October following a strong September, driven by a decline in exports that partially offset a gain in imports.
17 Nov 2014
A Teamsters-affiliated organization on Monday expanded its week-long protests at Los Angeles-Long Beach against three drayage companies, by targeting three additional ones.