British Columbia

17 Apr 2016
Canada's largest port could run into a "brick wall" limiting maritime expansion in coming years, unless provincial rules restricting land use can modified and some local political ill-will overcome.
Port Metro Vancouver, Deltaport
12 Feb 2015
Port Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, expects container volume to expand roughly 4 percent this year after traffic increased 3.1 percent in 2014 to a record 2.9 million TEUs.
04 Feb 2015
The British Columbia government's pick to oversee the new drayage program for Port Metro Vancouver has spurred a union driver backlash.
01 Feb 2015
Port Metro Vancouver’s new trucker licensing system took effect Sunday despite continuing protests from some 600 drivers who weren’t certified to operate at Canada’s largest container port.
29 Jan 2015
When it comes to whether Port Metro Vancouver will experience a crippling drayage strike like it did last March, the ball is in union and non-union drivers’ court.
28 Jan 2015
Many Canadian importers are receiving shipments two to three weeks longer than usual and exporters are missing sailing windows because of container vessels delays at U.S. West Coast ports are rippling north.
27 Jan 2015
The exclusion of roughly 600 drayage drivers from Port Metro Vancouver’s new licensing system has raised tensions here in what is increasingly looking like a showdown between truck drivers and the government.
16 Jan 2015
Union and non-union drayage drivers serving Port Metro Vancouver will likely strike at Canada’s largest container port as soon as Feb. 1 if the provincial government doesn’t meet their demands.
14 Jan 2015
Representatives of union and non-union drayage drivers serving Port Metro Vancouver will meet with British Columbia’s minister of transportation on Thursday in what drivers call a final attempt to avoid another strike at Canada’s largest container port.