Port of Mobile, Alabama.
26 Feb 2014
Containerized cargo at Gulf ports is benefiting from a north-to-south shift in U.S. population growth, growth in the region’s automotive and chemical industries and investment in container-handling facilities.
21 Feb 2014
Gulf ports are looking to intermodal rail in an effort to extend their reach farther inland for containerized cargo.
06 Feb 2014
International Shipholding Corp. plans to relocate its corporate headquarters next year from Mobile, Ala., to New Orleans, where the company was based from its founding in 1947 until 2006.
29 Jan 2014
The Port of Mobile, Ala., will remain closed today, but several other marine terminals planned to resume normal service after closing yesterday because of an ice storm that hit southern states from Virginia to Texas.
Steel coils
22 Oct 2013
Steel export shipments through the Port of Mobile are growing so strongly that the Alabama State Port Authority is building a big new steel terminal to handle shipments of steel coil.
Port cranes in Mobile, Ala.
18 Oct 2013
Jimmy Lyons is on a hunt for a lot more empty import containers to load with all the export cargo funneling through the Port of Mobile.
14 Aug 2013
A UPS cargo plane crashed near Birmingham, Ala., this morning.
24 Jul 2013
The Alabama State Port Authority has approved a concession agreement with Alabama Steel Terminals to develop a new $36 million steel coil handling facility...
29 May 2013
Alabama State Port Authority has named Frank Fogarty as vice president for trade and development, effective June 3, according to Jimmy Lyons, ASPA’s director and CEO.
15 May 2013
Mark Ivey Sheppard, vice president for trade and development at the Alabama State Port Authority, died Tuesday at his home following a brief illness. He was 61.