FLORIDA TOURISM FOLKS unfortunately have dumped their "If You've Got It Bad" advertising campaign for one focusing on the odd slogan of "The Rules Are Different Here."

That's unfortunate on three counts. For one thing, the former slogan was parlayed into clever and entertaining ads that made one want to visit Florida, even if one already lived in Florida. As the "Virginia Is for Lovers" campaign has shown, there's no reason to dump a winner just because it's been around for a while.Anyway, the fact that the rules are different in Florida comes as no surprise, at least to anyone who has ever participated in the annual Spring

Break debauchery in Fort Lauderdale.

But on top of that, the slogan is not even original. Everyone knows that at least in matters of trade, the place where the rules are really different is Japan. Sure, the Japanese assure overseas traders, your products are used widely and safely throughout the world, but they aren't good enough or safe enough for us.

The latest Japanese rule change concerns snow ski equipment. It seems the snows in Japan have suddenly transformed themselves into something unlike any other snows encountered in Europe or the United States. As such, ski equipment manufactured overseas is no longer safe enough for Japanese slopes, or at least safe enough for Japan's important Consumer Products Safety Association seal of approval.

Hmmm. There appears to be a link between Japan and Florida here as well. After all, the "snow" in Florida is certainly different, too.

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