Fairmount Minerals Selects Sustainable Railserve LEAF® Gen-Set Locomotive

Fairmount Minerals Selects Sustainable Railserve LEAF® Gen-Set Locomotive

ATLANTA, GA—September 25, 2012 (James Street Media Services)—Railserve, the leading North American provider of sustainable, economical switching locomotives, has announced the delivery of a Railserve LEAF® Gen-Set Locomotive to Fairmount Minerals at its Wisconsin Industrial Sand Company (WISC) facility in Maiden Rock, Wis.

Railserve’s economical single genset unit serves Fairmount’s Maiden Rock facility, where a 2011 upgrade transformed the 80-year-old mine into a state-of-the-art mineral mining and processing facility. “The LEAF fits perfectly with our corporate-wide commitment to be a leader in sustainability,” says Al Nelson, Plant Manager at Fairmount Minerals – Wisconsin Industrial Sand in Maiden Rock. “We recently constructed a new extended rail spur and load-out station, 1,500 feet farther south of the village of Maiden Rock. Relocating the rail load-out station means that our operations have less of an impact on the community of Maiden Rock. Use of the LEAF locomotive made this move possible. The LEAF has exceeded our expectation and Railserve has done a great job to support the startup.” The Railserve LEAF reduces NOx emissions by 84 percent, and fuel consumption by 50 percent.

Consists of up to 48 loaded hopper cars are moved for shipment to customers via the Maiden Rock interchange with BNSF Railway.

“Shipper, port, utility and other facilities with high railcar volumes can benefit from these cleaner, greener and leaner units,” says TJ Mahoney, program manager for Railserve LEAF Gen-Set locomotives. “In addition to its environmental benefits, it out-pulls conventional locomotives at typical switching speeds, thanks to proprietary technology that delivers maximum power to each individual axle. That’s why we are looking forward to continued strong demand for the Railserve LEAF.”

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