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A few weeks ago an intermodal executive asked me a question to the effect of, “Where should we be headed?” As I talked out my answer and the rationale, it occurred to me that on the surface I sounded cringingly mundane, my observation the type that could have been made in 1995, 2007 or today.

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12 Mar 2014
Rising labor costs and a shortage of workers in coastal China are two of the most serious problems footwear producers in that country face...
09 Mar 2014
China’s target of 7.5 percent GDP growth in 2014 will be a spur to shipping demand in the coming months, according to one shipping analyst.
18 Feb 2014
Global Logistics Properties wins $2.5 billion in support from Chinese investors to expand its fast-growing network of modern logistics facilities across China.
12 Feb 2014
Air and ocean trades to and from China will remain slow until next month due to the Lunar New Year shutdown, according to a survey by JOC of leading transport operators and analysts based in Asia.
Shanghai container terminal
21 Jan 2014
Growth in demand from the Asia-Pacific will be critical to the fortunes of the logistics industry in 2014, according to the Agility Emerging Markets Logistics Index 2014.
24 Dec 2013
U.S. apparel imports in the third quarter of 2013 tumbled 17.7 percent year-over-year to 181,126 20-foot-equivalent units, the industry’s steepest decline since 2007.
06 Dec 2013
China’s grip on U.S. footwear imports has been slipping since 2009, leaving room for developing nations to increase their market shares.
03 Dec 2013
China’s official PMI indicated expansion during November, but the new orders sub-index lost ground and there are signs that GDP growth rates will slow this quarter, according to analysts.
12 Nov 2013
China’s domestic spending shot up this year on Nov. 11 in response to “Singles’ Day” marketing promotions.
07 Nov 2013
The mixed messages evident from China’s latest PMI readings were confirmed by the value of export contracts signed at the Canton Fair, China’s huge import and export jamboree.