Daggett’s Aggressive New Stance for Port Labor

Daggett’s Aggressive New Stance for Port Labor

Taking office as president of the International Longshoremen's Association, Harold Daggett is promising tougher confrontation with carriers and offering a stern message to shippers. Read, listen to and watch what Daggett has to say about his new role, with additional coverage of Daggett's election, including news and videos of Daggett during his tenure with the ILA.

ILA news from JOC:
Change at the ILA
ILA's Daggett Vows Aggressive Stance
ILA's Hughes Offers 'Full Support' to Daggett 
A Family Man
 ILWU Chief Promises to Work with ILA
 ILA's Daggett Prepares for Chassis 'War'
 Daggett Blasts Panel, Defends ILA Worker's $400k Pay

ILA President Daggett Vows to Fight Automation, Work with ILWU
 ILA's Harold Daggett on Waterfront Commission, Port Worker Pay at NY-NJ

Daggett's Grenedes 

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