THE U.S. CUSTOMS SERVICE is proceeding relentlessly toward its goal of completely automating its ope
"Spend, spend, spend, urge the banks. "Spend, spend, spend urge the credit card companies. "Spend, s
Practical men, who believe themselves to be quite exempt from any intellectual influences, are usual
During the last few years, the idea that low rates of taxation encourage prosperity has come back in
A few years back a newly appointed U.S. Secretary of Transportation was being briefed on the truckin
Advocates of protectionism in Washington better scurry for cover: a formidable tigress in Canada has
THE AUTHORS OF A HIGH-LEVEL STUDY requested by President Reagan on energy- related national security
THE LONGSHOREMEN'S DOCK STRIKE earlier this month hit home for two staffers at The Journal of Commer
CONGRESSIONAL ELECTIONS may be only days away, but is this a sufficient excuse for the United States
THE METS IS DEAD," proclaimed Leo Durocher early in 1969 when his Chicago Cubs were 'way out front i
THE INSURANCE INDUSTRY is showing signs of being its own worst enemy.

How can an industry th
Since Japan's surrender in the summer of 1945, Japanese foreign policies have been closely tied in w
When my wife and I visited Siberia last fall, we were part of a group of about 50 American tourists.
THE TRUCKERS AND TEAMSTERS have come to a "working agreement" (nothing's signed yet) on a step-by-st