Breaking with the past is even more important to many people as we enter a new millennium.

The future brings with it new challenges: Mergers, acquisitions and new entrants to the shipping business are creating discontinuity in the industry. Out of it will come different service offerings by different players.Deregulation continues to mature. And with it, new partnerships are evolving between shippers and carriers toward ongoing contractual relationships based on continuous improvement.

The transportation infrastructure in North America is under stress due to the expanded volume of cargo. Leaders must rapidly work together so that enough planning and investment are made to ensure continuous growth.

The burgeoning Internet, with its fast, direct and customized exchange of information, is streamlining supply-chain processes while leading to closer customer and carrier cooperation. The 2000 environment is ripe for new ideas using these new, modern tools.

To meet these challenges, OOCL is positioning itself as a partner in supply-chain processes, striving to take cost out of the chain. The spirit is for all participating parties to work toward the lowest cost, not the lowest price.

We need to rethink our business objectives and allocate our resources toward achieving this value creation. During these exhilarating times, OOCL will continue striving to contribute to world harmony by enhancing international communications, connecting people and promoting shared prosperity.

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