IN TWIN LAKES, COLO., the town stages an annual event that Congress might consider emulating when trying to determine which bills should be passed at the end of a hectic session.

In this tiny town 30 miles east of Aspen, the locals stage a tomato throwing contest. For five years, Coloradans and Texans line up across from one another and throw tomatoes back and forth at each other. Those standing untainted by a tomato win the battle. The Coloradans have won all five years. But they also usually outnumber the Texans as well. This year 400 Coloradans did in the 200 Texans, which is probably the right odds for going against Texans.Come to think of it though, every member of Congress would lose such battle before it everstarted. We cannot think of a single member of Congress that's untainted. It's part of the job description.

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