It's happened to all of us, and we've all probably entertained thoughts similar to those that flooded Wayne Rogers' anguished brain.

In Mr. Rogers' case, however, fantasy become a smashing reality.Mr. Rogers was attempting to make a withdrawal at the drive-through window of a Miami-area bank. He was told a check deposit had not cleared so he could not make his withdrawal.

After a 20-minute discussion with the teller, an irritated Mr. Rogers decided to close out his account, for which he was told to see the branch manager inside the bank.

One problem.

The inside portion of the bank was closed. By this time, Mr. Rogers was a man with a mission. He backed out of the drive-through lane and smashed his pickup truck through the bank's plate glass front door.

After returning to the parking lot to park the truck, Mr. Rogers and his two-year-old daughter strolled back into the bank and calmly took seats at the manager's desk, where police found them.

As pointed out by a policeman on the scene, "This is the story of a guy who just plain got fed up with the system."

Mr. Rogers never did get his money. Could there have been any doubt of that outcome?

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