Annual Review and Outlook - Rail & Intermodal


By Lawrence J. Gross

It’s difficult to find a catalyst for acceleration in domestic intermodal activity. Shippers were jolted by the capacity shortage that occurred during the so-called Snowpocalypse winter of 2014, and scrambled to lock up intermodal capacity. But as the situation calmed in 2015, they returned to show-me mode in terms of the coming capacity crunch.

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Two years since the devastating 2013-14 winter wreaked havoc on U.S. intermodal rail networks, North America’s largest railroads are on the cusp of restoring reliability and speeds to the level shippers once took for granted.

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Combining a technology startup mindset with long-standing and proven operating practices, freight railroads constantly innovate to safely deliver the goods U.S. businesses and families need and use.
The rise of global commerce and increasingly integrated worldwide supply chains create exciting growth opportunities for railroads.