Air Cargo

Air cargo handles much of the high-value goods that don’t move by ocean vessel in international trade. Its focus on express cargo allows freight companies to depend on reliable delivery and speed to market, although at a premium prices. Many of those shipments are arranged by air freight forwarders who consolidate various goods to make up a shipment lot.

News & Analysis

22 Apr 2014
Express delivery in China resulted in 2.6 billion deliveries in the first quarter, up 51.9 percent year-on-year, Xinhua reported.
26 Feb 2014
More than half of Expeditors International of Washington’s revenue came from the Asia-Pacific region in 2013, which may be a good sign for the third-party logistics provider...
26 Feb 2014
Encouraged by signs of a stronger U.S. economy and recent acquisitions, XPO Logistics is raising its revenue run rate target for 2014 to $2.75 billion, almost triple the $1 billion run rate the company achieved in 2013.
25 Feb 2014
Air freight operators have almost completed their shift of capacity back into China following the Lunar New Year celebrations.
24 Feb 2014
Asia’s leading air freight hubs have gotten off to an encouraging start to the year, posting healthy growth rates across the board in January.
24 Feb 2014
The Port of Nagoya in central Japan retained its status as the biggest export hub among the nation’s airports and seaports in 2013 in terms of value, according to recent figures from Tokyo Customs and Nagoya Customs.
21 Feb 2014
The pilots of the UPS cargo plane that crashed on Aug. 14, 2013, had complained about the company’s tiring work schedules at the start of the fatal flight before making landing errors...
18 Feb 2014
Cathay Pacific Airways saw further declines in air cargo throughput in January despite the shift in timing of Chinese New Year, which started Jan 31 this year, compared with Feb. 10 in 2013 and was expected to prompt a major rush of expedited deliveries in mid-January.
Iberia Airlines plane
13 Feb 2014
Iberia Airlines has reached a deal in principle with its pilots’ union, SEPLA, to “introduce permanent structural change and improve the airline’s viability,” effectively ending...
13 Feb 2014
U.S. shippers on average expect that for the first time in roughly two years freight growth in 2014 will steadily outpace the expansion of the general economy,
12 Feb 2014
The e-commerce division of India’s leading express distribution and supply chain solutions group grew at a rapid rate in the latter half of 2013...



NEW DELHI, India—A yellow truck festooned with black tassels and hex symbols to ward off bad luck passed our van on the right as we jounced over the potholes that slowed us to a crawl on the road between Jaipur and Jodhpur. The truck was similar to many of the trucks I saw on a three-week road trip in the northern Indian states of Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh this winter, except for one thing: It was carrying a 20-foot container, the only box I spotted in hundreds of miles of tortuous driving. The blue box bore the familiar APL logo.

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