International Air Freight

International Air Freight

News coverage of the international air cargo industry, including profits and loss, expansions, trade and more.


NEW DELHI, India—A yellow truck festooned with black tassels and hex symbols to ward off bad luck passed our van on the right as we jounced over the potholes that slowed us to a crawl on the road between Jaipur and Jodhpur. The truck was similar to many of the trucks I saw on a three-week road trip in the northern Indian states of Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh this winter, except for one thing: It was carrying a 20-foot container, the only box I spotted in hundreds of miles of tortuous driving. The blue box bore the familiar APL logo.

News & Analysis

01 Oct 2014
Global air freight volumes continued their robust growth in August, spurred by Asia-Pacific cargo traffic that expanded 6.3 percent during the month, according to International Air Transport Association data.
Lufthansa airplane
30 Sep 2014
European air freight shippers are facing fresh disruption today as a strike by Lufthansa pilots forced the cancellation of 50 long-haul flights to and from Frankfurt, Germany, the German carrier’s global cargo hub.
26 Sep 2014
Asia Pacific airlines saw freight traffic grow by 6.2 percent in August on the back of robust demand for electronic consumer products, according to the Association of Asia Pacific Airlines (AAPA).
19 Sep 2014
Air cargo out of Asia is seeing its first peak season in five years, and better capacity management among cargo carriers is set to push up freight rates into the last quarter.
17 Sep 2014
Air freight is suffering from the same issues that afflict container shipping, with growing volumes not enough to lift profitability in the face of high fuel prices, weak yields and growing capacity, the International Air Transport Association said in an industry report.
08 Sep 2014
The Civil Aviation Administration of China said it plans on liberalizing its air cargo market, but it’s not clear whether China will allow more foreign carriers to operate domestically.
07 Sep 2014
The air cargo market is giddily awaiting tomorrow’s unveiling of Apple’s new iPhone 6 that when launched will create a spike in export traffic from the production city of Zhengzhou and add further lift to solid air freight volumes out of China.
Cathay Pacific Cargo aircraft
02 Sep 2014
Global air cargo traffic surged 5.8 percent in July from a year ago and likely will continue to increase in the coming months, driven by accelerating economic growth in key Asian markets, according to the International Air Transport Association.
02 Sep 2014
The second-quarter recovery that gave air and ocean cargo such a welcome boost looks set to continue its momentum well into the second half as the latest economic and freight indicators show some positive numbers.
31 Aug 2014
Iceland’s Bardarbunga volcano has kept the local meteorological office busy, with the red level warning being