Lufthansa Cargo’s first Boeing 777 freighter is 63.7 meters long with a wingspan of 64.8 meters.
19 Nov 2013
Lufthansa Cargo’s first Boeing 777 freighter will take off from Frankfurt, Germany, tonight, bound for New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport, on its first scheduled flight.
A Boeing 747-400 Freighter in final assembly.
30 Sep 2013
Atlas Air has entered into a contract with Astral Aviation to provide a Boeing 747-400 Freighter service between Europe and Africa.
IAG Cargo’s new route will be serviced by the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner.
03 Sep 2013
IAG Cargo will launch a new air cargo route from London Heathrow to Austin, Texas, in March 2014, and will offer an additional export route for the area’s expanding technology hub.
12 Jul 2013
A fire aboard a Boeing 787 Dreamliner airplane caused Heathrow Airport to close both its runways Friday afternoon.
FedEx Boeing 727 freighter
21 Jun 2013
FedEx has retired its last Boeing 727 aircraft from service as part of the company’s modernization strategy.
UPS Boeing 767 with winglets.
07 May 2013
UPS has added winglets to its Boeing 767 fleet in order to save fuel and reduce emissions.