The 2009 Journal of Commerce Editorial Calendar

January 5 Doing Business in Puerto Rico
January 12 Annual Review and Outlook
January 19
Industrial Real Estate and Logistics
January 26 Breakbulk Magazine; Refrigerated Equipment and Technology (Special Advertising Section)
February 2 East Coast Ports; Retail Supply Chains
February 9 Doing Business in Southeast Asia
February 16 Doing Business in Southern Africa; Port Improvement (Special Advertising Section)
February 23 Cool Cargoes Magazine; JoC Leadership Roll; International Terminal Operators
March 2 Trans-Pacific Maritime; West Coast Industrial Real Estate (Special Advertising Section)
March 9 Seafood Trade and Logistics; Less-Than-Truckload Update: Top Carriers; 3PL Regional Report: Europe (Special Advertising Section)
March 16 Breakbulk Magazine; New Logistics Directions: India; New England Trade and Logistics
March 23 Container Shipping Quarterly; U.S. Gulf Report; South Florida: Gateway to Latin America (Special Advertising Section)
March 30 Short-Sea Shipping; Transportation Intermediaries; Logistics Recruitment (Special Advertising Section); Jacksonville Freight Transportation (Special Advertising Section); Gulf Pilots (Special Advertising Section)
April 6 Intermodal South America
April 13 West Coast Ports; Top 50 Trucking Companies; Southeastern Distribution (Special Advertising Section)
April 20 Roll-on, Roll-off Shipping; New Logistics Directions: Persian Gulf
April 27 Trans-Atlantic Maritime; Logistics Education; Alaska Freight Transportation (Special Advertising Section)
May 4 European Intermodal Gateways; International Services Using LTL; Cool Cargoes Magazine; Texas Freight Transportation (Special Advertising Section)
May 11 Breakbulk Magazine; Pacific Northwest Gateway Update; Maritime Hall of Fame (Special Advertising Section)
May 18 Japan Logistics Update; South Carolina Trade and Logistics (Special Advertising Section)
May 25 Top 100 Importers and Exporters; Import/Export Compliance Technology; Time Critical -- On Demand (Special Advertising Section)
June 1 China Trade and Logistics; Risk Management: Piracy; Bay Area Freight Transportation (Special Advertising Section)
June 8 North America-Mediterranean Trade; Freight Payment
June 15 Gulf Ports; Port Expansion (Special Advertising Section)
June 22 Peak-Season Outlook; Logistics Real Estate/Warehousing; Port of Tampa (Special Advertising Section)
June 29 Top Trans-Pacific Carriers and Ports; Canada: Crossing Borders; Hawaii Trade and Logistics (Special Advertising Section)
July 6 Harbor Trucking Report; Arizona Trade and Logistics (Special Advertising Section)
July 13 Latin American/Caribbean Trade and Logistics; Roll-on, Roll-off Shipping
July 20 Breakbulk Magazine; Container Shipping Quarterly; Green Supply Chains (Special Advertising Section)
July 27 New Logistics Directions: Asia
August 3 World's Top Container Ports and Terminal Operators; U.S. Gulf Report; Port of Baltimore (Special Advertising Section)
August 10 New Logistics Directions: Eastern Europe
August 17 Top Trans-Atlantic Carriers and Ports; JoC Guide to Trucking
August 24
(Double Issue)
Cool Cargoes Magazine; New Logistics Directions: Southeast Asia; Marine Insurance: IUMI (Special Advertising Section); Florida Ports (Special Advertising Section)
September 7 Top Latin America Carriers and Ports; Foreign Trade Zones (Special Advertising Section)
September 14 Asia Trade and Logistics; Logistics Focus 2009/Technology Directory; Canada Trade and Logistics (Special Advertising Section)
September 21 Breakbulk Magazine; Container Shipping Quarterly; Green Supply Chains (Special Advertising Section)
September 28 Trans-Pacific Maritime Asia; East Coast Maritime
October 5 Gulf Ports Report; Air Cargo: Top Carriers and Gateways
October 12 Trucking Services: Delivering Innovation; Virginia World Trade (Special Advertising Section); Rickmers 175th Anniversary (Special Advertising Supplement); Port Freeport (Special Advertising Section)
October 19 Ports of the Americas; Houston Trade and Logistics (Special Advertising Section)
October 26 Roll-on, Roll-off Shipping; New Logistics Directions: China; Bahamas Trade and Logistics (Special Advertising Section)
November 2 Cool Cargoes Magazine; Logistics Technology: Managing Inventory; Transloading; Southern California Gateway (Special Advertising Section)
November 9 Intermodal/Inland Distribution; Marine Insurance: AIMU (Special Advertising Section); New England Logistics (Special Advertising Section)
November 16 Innovations in Retail Logistics; Transportation and the Environment
November 23 Breakbulk Magazine; Middle East Logistics Update; Air Freight Trucking; Freight Payment (Special Advertising Section); Georgia Trade & Logistics (Special Advertising Section)
November 30 Caribbean and Central America Update; Connie Awards (Special Advertising Section)
December 7 Container Shipping Quarterly; Logistics Real Estate Outlook; Private Terminal Operators (Special Advertising Section); Seamen's Church Institute (Special Advertising Section)
December 14 Air Cargo Forecast; Dedicated Contract Services Directory
December 21
(Double Issue)
Year-end double issue
Past Editorial Calendars

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